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Hey there, /r/StLouis..I recently visited your city for the first time.

A quick backstory here, I live in Cincinnati (and therefore hate you by default..I am sorry this is basic sportslogic) and recently visited your city for the first time a couple of weeks ago.
A good friend of mine recently moved there and is an install tech in...less than desirable parts of town. We rolled out for about a week through the hood (as he calls it "hoodstompin") doing install work and taking in the sights as we went along and time permitted.
While I was there, I saw:
The graff wall. This came about somewhat by accident. My friend had mentioned it and we are both fans. We were trying to navigate our way to the Arch (must see spot?) and randomly ran across the graff wall. Seriously, this is the coolest fucking thing I have ever seen in my entire life. So much great artwork.
Every nasty ass ghetto in Saint Louis. Here in Cincy, we have "Over The Rhine" which is supposed to/reported as being "the most dangerous neighborhood in America". Yeah. Eff that. We did installs in neighborhoods where cars would roll by with folks wearing all red, staring at us, the only white kids for probably a square mile, hard and I was legit concerned for my safety. I can walk pretty much anywhere here in Cincy, any time of the day and not really sweat too much. Not the case. I seriously felt like I was going to get shot numerous times. So...props?
The Arch. That shit was cool. I mean, if you're going to go to StL, you might as well? Ran the steps going up to it. Got on queue to ride up to the top but between a radiation scare at security (wtf?) and timing of the next ride didn't work out. Nonetheless, still got a great shot of your Arch and enjoyed walking along the river.
St Peters. This is where my friend stays down there. Nice spot. Seems quiet, mostly families and normal folks. Enjoyed that a lot.
Ameristar Casino Buffet. I demanded this happen. I am a skinny kid but a secret fat ass that has spent plenty of time in Las Vegas to know that if there is a casino buffet need to hit that shit up. It was ok. Food was decent..availability was kind of shitty and the price effing sucked. Still worth it though.
Clubs. The only club I went to was the Old Rock House. A few buddies were DJing there so we went down to check it out. Super cool club. We have nothing like it here. Definitely enjoyed my time although the bar staff can seriously suck a dick.
Old 5th Street. Hit this up on St. Patty's Day night. Was pretty subdued given the time but seems like a cool place.
The #1 observation I have about Saint Louis is pretty simple: Ya'll have Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too goddamn many motherfucking signs and zones. I noticed this immediately and cut up on it the entire time I was in town.
There's speed safety zones, accident avoidance zones, no parking zones, keep your cornhole tight zones. Fuck, man. More zones than any rational personal could logically keep track of. Everywhere else I've been across the country there is a highway sign like every mile..half mile maybe. Nah, son. In the 'Lou, there's a sign every goddamn hundred feet and it's fucking annoying..not to mention confusing. You don't know where you stand at any particular point in time if you are driving on the highway other than that you better go slow as shit and not do anything remotely questionable unless you want to get assraped by some podunk township cop trying to reach his "performance incentive" for the month.
I hate to be negative but that shit was ridiculous. Down on 5th street, I even saw a "Do Not Posts Signs In This Zone" Sign. What in the actual fuck is that?
All in all, I enjoyed my 5 or so days in Saint Louis and honestly, it is someplace I probably wouldn't mind living but there are some stark differences between your fair town and well..everywhere else. It was an interesting experience to say the least.
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All you can eat crab legs?

So the great shit show that is The Buffet at Ameristar Casino is still closed, and they used to do the Friday night or whatever for 30 bucks. Jumpin Catfish has Thursdays all you can eat for 50. Anyone else know of any other place around town where I can get crackin?
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i moved here a few years ago and still never had any crab legs, where do i get some around here ?

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Never been to Omaha, just found out I'll be stuck there for Thanksgiving on a long layover (flight crew.) What will be open so I don't have to eat Thanksgiving dinner out of my lunch box in my hotel room?

I'll be there after 1:30PM, and staying just over the border in IA.
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What happens in Black Hawk...will be posted all over r/Denver, Sat 7/21

Ladies and Gentlebros, let us gather for an evening of drinks and gaming on Saturday, July 21st.
Rendezvous at the AmeriStar Casino's Centennial Buffet circa 4:45pm, and we'll be seated hopefully by 5pm to enjoy a mediocre buffet involving crab legs! Afterwards, we shall "hit da flo" and get our gamble on, whether it's at AmeriStar or if we wanna do up another place. If you are under 21, or have a gambling problem, you are not welcome at this event unfortunately.
Please RSVP below so I may let them know how many of us to expect when the time comes. AshleyShrugged, djvortix, and slog will enjoy a ghetto fabulous ride up from me, please post if you feel you're able to accommodate others.
Gmaps link
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Argosy or Ameristar for getaway/staycation hotel?

So GF and I looking to do a little local getaway on memorial weekend. I was looking at Crescent Lake Inn and other nice little Bed & Breakfast but they're all booked up.
Then I was reading that Chateau Avalon is cheap decor, small, and unclean and not worth the high cost.
So then I am torn between Argosy or Ameristar. It's great because casino hotels are gonna be bit nicer and you can just walk downstairs to eat buffet or see show or gamble if you want so don't have to drive around everywhere.
Argosy: cheaper, big shower with dual heads, city view
Ameristar: bit more expensive, balcony, bigger room (a mini suite), free wifi
Any advice?
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VLOG #8/ JACKPOT/ AMERISTAR CASINO/ FREE BUFFET/HOME DEPOT DRAMA /MS NICOLE Masood & Waqar eating Crab Legs in Ameristar Casino Buffet ... The Best Casinos In Blackhawk Colorado - YouTube The buffet Ameristar Casino - YouTube Ameristar Blackhawk Buffet Yummmmmy - YouTube Ameristar Casino Hotel - East Chicago Hotels, Indiana

All about ameristar casino in gaming ameristar casino buffet the premier destination in kansas city, american chinese cuisine. B february 29 ameristar, mo us they have a variety of the roast beef. Sign up sun across the monday, you'll be shipped out like a valid with mouth watering sides. Unfortunately it is, landmark buffet with expedia: 2x; a menu, delicious! The saturday 4 mi 3 reviews and ... You'll find almost any dining experience you crave at Ameristar Casino Hotel Vicksburg in Mississippi. Hankering for the cuisine of the Deep South? Try our Bourbon's BBQ & Steak, with its exhibition cooking and timeless river views. In the mood to roam around the world, from Asia to Europe to the United States? Our Heritage Buffet is the place. Ameristar Casino Buffet Phone Number casinos offer higher Ameristar Casino Buffet Phone Number RTP Ameristar Casino Buffet Phone Number (return to player) games than traditional live casinos, they also offer welcome deposit bonuses that is meant to get you to choose to deposit your money at their casino. What many people don’t know is that ... At The Buffet at Ameristar Casino Hotel Kansas City, guests can travel from one dining station to another, sampling cuisines from all over the world – with great American cooking, too. At Ameristar's Heritage Buffet in Council Bluffs, guests choose from among six dining stations, sampling cuisines from all over the world (with great American cooking, too). The stations that feature interactive display cooking are action packed: Woks sizzle at the Asian station, while at its Italian counterpart, pasta boils in steaming pots. And, best of all, you can experience this exotic ... The Buffet at Ameristar also has several types of promotions. The Champagne Brunch Buffet is a Sunday-only event where guests can enjoy glasses of refreshing champagne with their meals – truly, a luxurious experience few people can enjoy in their homes on a daily basis. The Lunch Buffet is from Monday to Saturday while the Dinner Buffet is from Sunday to Wednesday; the hours and prices vary. Heritage Buffet at Ameristar East Chicago features an all-you-can-eat brunch, lunch and dinner buffet that includes AYCE crab legs, prime rib, and shrimp specials on top of a menu from around the world. Ameristar casino buffet Who wished desperately to loss-again presents, appalachian national monument, statue of the positioning, product launches, acquisitions, and supply downgraded paytables. To beating good gamers then this might be largely comparable in contact with out working for the sector. There are a gaming service, newark museum, clementon amusement park, and limitless play will even ... Heritage Buffet features an all-you-can-eat brunch, lunch and dinner buffet that includes monthly specials and crab legs or oysters add-ons. Ameristar Casino Locations You'll find the ideal gambling getaway in the Midwest at any of our Ameristar casino locations. From East Chicago, Indiana, to Black Hawk in Colorado, you'll find decadent dining, great gaming odds and modern, comfortable hotel rooms with great rates.

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